Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jolly Roger Skateboards "Mini-Ramp Ripathon" - October 5th.

Guano Update: We Are Still Alive!

I apologize for my lack of posting but we have been super busy since we got back from Kona. We moved our store front (Jolly Roger Skateboards) next door and we have put a mini-spine ramp in our previous location. So we have been busy building and we are just now starting to feel somewhat settled in to our new space.

So, now its time to play catch up here in the virtual world. Lets start with our two new wheels that came out a while back, pictured right above these words. We have new "Jeff Rasp - Secretary of Skate" wheels available in 54mm/99a and then we have our "Adam McKee - STLF's" available in 55m/100a's. Both wheels are available over at the Jolly Roger Online Store.