Friday, December 14, 2012

D.I.Y. Fundraising: Guano Wheels in Action!

Vance Billings of Vail, Colorado is taking action! His mission is to help needy kids in Costa Rica get some skate gear.

Vance went to Jaco Beach in Costa Rica back in 2001 and made friends with the locals. When it was time to go he left everything he had for kids that really needed it. Since then he has managed to organize at least 6 deliveries of donated items. This time around we have teamed up with him in order to make a difference to the kids out there that aren't lucky enough to afford the luxury of focusing a board just because they didn't land a trick. Basically it's simple networking with a purpose, to give kids the opportunity to do what most of us here in the states take for granted. Vance will go to Costa Rica to surf and he will take a box of goodies for the kids. Our job is to gather up the goodies. Customers buy rad wheels, kids get free much needed product, Vance surfs and everyone wins!

Here's how it works: if you are in the Vail, Colorado area you can get a hold of Vance, through Buzz's Board Shop (thats the best I got right now), pick up a set of our wheels and a set of wheels will be donated to a kid that would really appreciate it.

This project is just in the beginning stages so more info will be available as I get it. And until we figure out exactly how we fit in, besides providing product, we will do what we can to generate some stoke. If you would like to help out but can't make it to Colorado on your way to the corner store, you can purchase a set of Guano Wheels on our online store at and for every set that we sell we will donate an item. We might not be able to give wheels every time but I have some old school pads and such that would be just as good as a set of rad wheels.